Drop Plain Brown Boxes and Spruce Them Up

Are you still shipping your products in simple brown cardboard boxes without the logo of your company or advertising on them? If so, you are likely to miss a great opportunity on brand building. Of course, you are saving on printing costs as well as on the producing labels, but for that small amount you cannot get promotional benefits for your products.

When a customer receives his orders via courier services, it is some kind of a shopping experience for him and a great brand experience for you. You get a great opportunity to promote your brand at a time when the customers receive their products.

Plain Brown Boxes

How a successful packaging can be made?

Timing, emotion and impact are the three things that can help build a successful packaging. Smaller manufacturers and retailers are engaged in doing their own picking and packing too. Therefore, they must act as a first line marketer. Packing your products in plain boxes for shipping purposes, makes your products appear like commodities. And at the same time, the amount you have spent on the promotion to lift your brand will be wasted and your brand value will erode once you choose the plain shipping boxes. What can be worse than pushing your products back to the commodity category with plain shipping boxes?

Are you unable to promote your brand on Web Sites?

As far as eCommerce is concerned, customers buy all stuff online and you use to ship your products via high-performed courier services. As a manufacturer, you have to pick the shipping and handling prices, which is factored into the selling price. This is to cut back on the expenses which appear to be extraneous. Using colorful labels and custom printing on shipping boxes is not at all extra cost. If you use this on your packaging, it will help you solidify your bonding with your customers. Keep in mind that brown wrapping boxes and plain shipping boxes does not urge to buy more than once. In a nutshell, packaging speaks.

Since you are restricted to making enough promotions on the web sites, you have to choose some other way offline to influence your customers.

Keep one important thing in your mind that overdoing your presentation of your packaging does not do well for your customers. Just picture your package using custom color printing and logo of your company with a tagline on it. You will not believe that it would make it a special gift and urge many more to come up. Think about a few things. The repeat customers are a great value for your brand since it takes longer to create another potential customer. It seems big numbers. Therefore, you should get a quote on customer printing for your shipping boxes.

At the same time, if your shipping boxes are meant for retail environments for storage purposes, you could find more reasons to promote your products as well as your brand on the retail floor.

And when you are thinking to put your products in the retail, you should choose bio-degradable cardboard materials. This is because then buying decisions of customers these days are now affected by the whole new sustainability and conservation issue in packaging. They are now more aware of not using materials that will end up in a landfill. Therefore, it is a good idea to utilize sustainable logos so to make your packaging a value added item. Your packaging will get another value addition when it is associated with environmentally conscious value.

What to do if the price is a constraint?

If you think cost is an issue for you and you have got choices of 15 different sizes of boxes, you can inquire about toughen your box sizing. Instead of custom printing, you can choose printing labels. Apart from this, you can use short print runs on the boxes.

Remember, well branded packaging helps you get success one after one in the retail consumer market.

How to Increase the Sustainability of a RRP in a Retail Environment

Retailers and brand owners across the world have been experiencing how the high-volume and FMCGs have changed drastically of late. These retailers are trimming their expenses by slashing one of the largest costs of operation- retail staff who spend their time restocking products or taking care of items on retail shelves. In this due course, retailers are following in the shoes of big box stores.

On the other hand, product owners have struggled to meet the demand of retailers with retail-ready solutions that range from big corrugated cartons, notched paper board holders and many more.

The specific RRP for the job relies on a certain retail surrounding where the merchandises can sustain. But, you need to consider many factors so that your products can live in the retail environment.

Retail Packaging

Think what drives the primary markets

The concept of RRP is trending sharply for the retailer’s desire to cut down on store staff durations. A package for shipping can be a great example of retail ready package which is almost instantly shelf-ready. You need to get the subject or certain objective you require meeting completely. The best thing that can work in your stride is getting shopping information from retailers to know what has been trending in the retail stores and keep it in your mind during developing the package process.

Keep in touch with suppliers from the beginning

It is always wise to work together with the suppliers to modify the retail products and features before you start your real project work. Ensure of understanding the requirements of retail customers. All the factors such as shelf dimensions, automatic storehouse systems, rate of scale, and distance travelled put an effect on how a successful package works. Though you are working on a formerly productive design structure, it is always worth planning ahead to sort out problems right way.

Pay heed to your design patterns

In order to make the tearing of a package simple, the type of perforations must be well-designed. At the same time, the strength of a packaging depends on the design and placement of the tear-off part. The best practice to ensure that your new packaging design works well is to countercheck your packaging with the latest packaging equipment.

Utilize the experience of staff of a retailer

Try to keep the packaging simple. Carry out study and keep a watchful eye on the retailer staffs communicate with retail ready packaging. Keep it in mind that only intuitive packaging patterns can help the stock personnel to display products correctly. Avoid too many word instructions and parts of a package. In this regard, it is better to create simple designs and instructions to keep the overall visual designs intact. Develop a package that can contain feasible amount of products that you can load in one single action and discard with minimum waste.

Make the most of the experience for consumers

It is worth designing a packaging keeping the needs of customers in mind. Remember, packaging is not all about being stocked on the shelves and looking great. It should aim at helping customers remove the exterior of the package from the RRP with ease. Within a short span of time, you have to influence the buying decisions of a customer. When it comes to a tough and stackable presentation, perpendicular packaging options are good. Well, it is better to skip over edges and sharp corners in order to promote safety to customers.

Choose the marketing option

The best thing to meet your customers’ need is to use your own equipment. Develop its appearance with the ever-changing needs of customers. Forget not to take advantages of adding branding and messaging to promote your products.

Trendy Ideas for Toy Packaging

Retail packaging has become extremely significant these days. While designing the packaging for your toy, remember that it should meet the requirements of the retailers. Try working with a proficient packaging company that will be able to understand the details of complying with the needs of the retailer. Nevertheless if you are selling the toys on the internet, you should have greater options for your packaging.

Toy Packaging

Let’s check out the ideas for packaging toys in a competent way:

Make extensive research work

Visit toy stores to make research on packaging. Pay attention to how the dolls and the cars are packaged and how the stores utilize the space on the shelf. Look into the fact whether the packages are on the hook, in the boxes or are stacked. Search online for wrapping manufacturers. Explore the proficiency of every company in terms of developing the wrapping format that will best suit the toy.

Select 3 formats

Make use of your research experience in selecting 3 formats for your toys like a plastic blister pack, a cardboard box or hinged-lid paper container. Plastic is used for small toys and dolls and it is usually exhibited on hooks. A cardboard box is normally used for keeping board games and a hinged-lid paper container is used for toys like a puzzle with many pieces.

Use a steel ruler for taking measurement

You could use a steel ruler for taking the measurement of the toy.  Take the measurement in terms of the depth, height and width as in case of a toy car or a doll. Check out the fact about what box size will help to accommodate the toy contents with multiple pieces. If you see that the toy has multiple pieces, you should try to take the measurements individually. Search the option of a plastic insert tray for housing each piece individually along with an instruction pamphlet if required.

Take pictures

Do not forget to take the digital pictures of the toys and their pieces. Try to take the pictures from the front, back, top, bottom, left and the right sides.

Consult manufacturers for a price quote

Consult with several manufacturers in order to get a price quote for the wrapping. Provide the manufacturers with the specific measurements and pictures of the toys for getting the most accurate quote.

Review quotes from manufacturers

Examine the quotes you have collected from the manufacturers. Narrow down your selection to 3 manufacturers. Call your sales representatives for getting answers to questions and discussing the costs, quantities and delivery time. You should also not forget to include the shipping cost. Find out various ways to make use of standard package for saving money.

Consider your budget

Consider your budget before making the commitment for packaging. Evaluate the fact whether your toy needs customized packaging. Check out with the sales representatives whether they will be able to produce a sample and could negotiate the cost of the sample as per your budget.

Assess the custom packaging samples

You should assess the samples of custom packaging and choose the manufacturer who will be able to offer you the best quality wrapping material at the right time. In case if you are not satisfied with the wrapping elements, you could request another sample from the manufacturer before signing up a formal purchase order. If you want you could make use of custom box sleeves for your toy wrapping.

Sign the purchase order

Confirm the date of delivery, sign the purchase order and meet the terms of the purchase order in order that the manufacturers could start and complete the packaging production.

Follow these trendy tips and package your toys proficiently.

Tips for Designing Face Cream Packages

Cosmetic legend Estee Launder turned her kitchen into an experimental laboratory by mixing up various face creams from her chemist Uncle John’s recipe. She added and subtracted ingredients till her recipe seemed perfect. Several years later, Texas cosmetic expert Mary Kay followed the same path but without the help of an uncle in a scientific background. Both the beauty experts were passionate about creating face creams that helped the women to nurture skin from youth till maturity. These two women spent their lives by developing improved products and each is considered to be a ground breaker in the world of the skincare of the women.

Cosmetic Box Packaging

Assuming that you have created a secret recipe for the cream and dreaming of joining the ranks of the pioneers of the beauty industry, your biggest challenge will be to find the ways for reaching women in the quest of the next generation facial enhancers. You should try to tap market through the Internet and the retail stores. Look for homemade facial cream recipes by reading books and articles on the subject. Blend different recipes in the kitchen and add or subtract ingredients till you get the desired fragrance, feel and the fascination. You could also resurrect an old family recipe.

Face cream is a beauty necessity for many people which helps to keep skin hydrated. Moreover it fades out the appearance of wrinkles and prepares skin for the application of makeup. Several consumers like to spend more money searching for the perfect face cream. However it is not just the fragrance, ingredients or the texture that attracts a consumer. The packaging also plays an important role in its popularity. Remember that people not only want to be beautiful but are also attracted to beautiful things. As a result it is significant to design functional and appealing packing for face cream.

Let’s check out the tips for designing packaging of face cream:

Choose the way of dispensing

You must decide the way to distribute face cream. Select a suitable container. You may opt for a plastic pump dispenser for dispensing in a sanitary way. Moreover you could pick up a glass or plastic container with an open mouth for allowing users to dip their fingers into the cream.

Pick up colored glass

Try to select a colored glass if you are searching for a colored glass container to keep your face cream. Amber and blue glass jars are very attractive and they help to filter out harmful sunlight that could adversely affect the longevity of your face cream.

Get a secure lid for the container

You should ensure the fact that your container has a secure lid in order that consumers are able to carry the cream in a bag or a purse without worrying about leakage.

Create a label for the container

Make an adhesive label for the container you have selected. Be sure of the fact that label covers a large portion of the container for protecting the contents from the damage caused by the sunlight. You should not forget to include the ingredients of the face cream, its name and the instructions for its usage on the label. If a face cream has rose oil, you could add a rose to the label. Besides if it offers sun protection, you could include a sun into the label. You must provide your consumers an idea about what makes your face cream special by incorporating a corresponding image on the label.

Include a box for the container

In order to make an elaborate packaging, try to include a box for the face cream container. The box must be created with a durable paper and should be of heavyweight. Get your box printed with the product name, an image as well as other relevant text. You could search for cosmetic box packaging  services from the internet for this purpose.

Follow these tips and design the packaging of face cream in a proficient way.

Most Common Mistakes at the Time of Package Designs

It is a kind of an accepted fact that good packaging has a good impact on business. Your product may be far better than your competitors, but to make the product sale packaging becomes an important determinant. Creating value through design is not an easy task and mistakes may happen. However, to increase your product’s saleable factor in the competitive market you have to keep an eye for the mistakes and get over that.

Package Design

Some of the common mistakes at the time of packaging include

Not considering the consumers at the time of designing

Before setting out to design a product package it is essential to find out what your target market thinks, wants and likes. Universal packaging is a myth and it is not possible to develop such a package that can satisfy the requirements of all the customers. Therefore, from the beginning your approach should be creating packages for the right audience and with perfect message.

Influencing factors                                          

There are several elements that influence a consumer’s buying decision. Some of these are:

  • Ease of opening a package: consumers are not interested in a blister or clamshell package that requires superhuman strength to open up
  • Sustainability: being friendly to environment is emerging as a major issue. Therefore, bio-degradable materials are preferred over others
  • Recyclability: materials that can be reused are more popular
  • Labels and product security: people are reading labels and scrutinizing minutely recently. What it says on the label will influence the decision of purchase.

Missing out the product’s USP

It is considered as a good package design when it conveys what is inside it and how it can solve the consumer’s problems. The consumers can hardly comprehend the message on their own if the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is not mentioned in a simple way. You have to find out innovative packaging to solve consumers’ problems or issues.

Unique thinking can also add an extra appeal to your products. However, sometimes it is difficult especially when you are trying to make custom software boxes. That is the challenge in-front of the designers and if they can overcome the hardship it will result in success.

Package is not perfect for retail outlets

There is a restriction in the shelf space and height. These specifications are vital at the time of designing product packages.

It does not mean at all you have to adhere to this guidelines strictly while developing package. Keep sufficient room for creativity but keep in mind that you are enhancing the value of the product through package.

How Can Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Boxes be Easily Used for Retail Displays

Among all the options you have to display products in a retail outlet, corrugate cardboards offers maximum versatility. The cardboard offers flexibility in terms of creative approaches as different types of displays can be done from the same piece without spending much. Two of the best things about cardboard displays are sustainability and ready to install.

Retail boxes for shoes

Larger retailers can save a lot of their cost as products can be shipped within the cardboard boxes and the same can be quickly installed in a retail setting. There is no tension of packing and unpacking products. When environmental issues are top concerns with the customers and government, the opportunity to recycle the cardboard make it a popular choice.

You can draw the display in AutoCAD and develop the packages with the help of machine or human assemblers and shipped to the retail stores with products inside them. Some of the benefits of cardboard displays include

  • Expenses- corrugated boxes are most cost effective ways to pack and ship products throughout the nation
  • Weight- the cardboard boxes are much lighter than wood or plastic boxes that are easier to transport
  • Versatility-cardboards can be bent, shaped and cut to create a configuration as per the AutoCAD design
  • Shorter time to process- the display can easily be engineered and the boxes can be filled in by machine or people
  • Ready for retail packaging- cardboard boxes keep the primary packages of products safe during the transportation
  • Recyclable- cardboard gives a relief as the material is easy to dispose and create much less solid wastes
  • Durability- Engineers construct the corrugated boxes in such fashion so that it can support maximum load and maintain its shape
  • Customized to suit the product packaging- it can be designed to hold more products. It maximize the space for product display and sales
  • Enough rooms for promotion- in the flat areas prints and labels can be applied easily that enhance the visibility of products. With the material there is room for promotions

Last but not the least, the retail packaging boxes made up of cardboards, are ideal at the time of introducing new products. Cardboard is cheaper which thereby reduces the overall product launch costs. Moreover, if any changes are to be made based on customer’s feedbacks, it can be easy and quick.

Factors to Consider before Proceeding with the Package Design

Packages have the potential to cultivate and build up intimate and long lasting relationship with the consumers. It is a point over which the company has complete control in-store and hence it is a means of mass persuasion that can make or break business. Therefore, there is an initiative on the part of the manufacturers to formulate a package design that will generate success and maximum ROI. Design is not at all an arbitrary element and there are important cohorts to consider before proceeding with package designing.

software packaging

Know the customers

By the time you think of package designing, the brand personality and the consumer group that the brand is going to target is already defined. Therefore, the package design should align with the pattern, taste and behavior of your target group.

Determine shop ability

It is better to have a design strategy in place even before you start working on that. Find out the hierarchy of information- determine which elements are constant and which one are variable. Make sure that the consumers can comprehend the variable elements. If you own a fragrance line with 10 different scents, ensure that the consumers can get the obvious differences. Though it sounds simple, it becomes a tremendous job for the designers to make the consumers decipher the differences and lessen the product returns.

Consider logistics

Path breaking innovations are always welcome but at the same time consider the shelf space and shelf height regulations. Shape, weight and size of the products also affect the overall expenses and shipping. Ensure that you have utilised the spaces adequately and are not paying out absurd shipping costs.

Establish a balance in form, design and function

The types of products you are selling largely influence the design of package. There is a ton of pressure on packaging when a new product is launched. Consumers at that point of time want to know what the product is all about and how it will look. At that point, packaging can play a major role beyond aesthetics in educating the consumers and convincing them highlighting the reasons to purchase the product.

In recent times, most of the packaging designs have to face another test- a test of sustainability and recyclability. Custom paper box offers the advantages in comparison to plastic and steel.

Paper Packages are the Right Choice with Growing Environmental Concerns

Paper based packaging is widely popular in the market. While plastic and steel packaging offer sustainability as compared to papers; why  is paper a popular choice as a packaging material?  The most obvious reason for this is that paper is easily recyclable than its other counterparts. There is also enough scope for innovation with the paper packaging.

Paper Packaging

Paper packages better than other packaging solutions

With the growing concern to reduce the solid waste, more and more product manufacturers are looking for packing materials that can be recycled. Although, there are many plastics that come up with recyclable symbols. However, it does not mean that it will be used again. Glass, plastics and metals are all afflicted by recyclability issues.

The paper packaging not only reduces this tension, it also helps manufacturers to curb on their shipping expenses. It is true that in order to replace glass and plastics to a larger extent the packaging industry needs to be more innovative with their designing.

Government’s intervention

WalMart and Canadian Government support sustainable packaging. The environmental activists are also there continuously reminding how a packaging choice can have an impact on the whole world. When the retailers have to renovate a display made of plastic, they end up with huge amount of wastes that in turn fill up the lands. This is not a bio-friendly approach.

On the other hand when cardboard or paper is used and the prints on them are with vegetable ink, the products become highly recyclable. There is hardly one who gives a second though in putting the paper cartons in recycle boxes in home or in office.

Introducing innovativeness in package designs

Innovation is a trick to sustain in the competitive market. Manufacturers are little apprehensive in adopting cardboard or paper packaging unless the designers can come up with the innovative solutions. The attempt is to come up with the solution really chic and flashy suitable for contemporary market. The materials are highly versatile and with little research and experiments package designers can produce most attractive custom paper packaging. Showing off the creative excellence and formulating a shape that can reflect well your brand value proposition, you can influence the decisions of customers.

Useful Guide to the Business Advantages of Paper Recycling

Paper and cardboard recycling has been proven to bring significant savings when it comes to harmful carbon emissions (Greenhouse gas).

A global study by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which analysed the carbon emissions of recycling this type of waste compared to sending it to landfill or to be incinerated, concluded that by recycling 1 tonne of paper and cardboard, 1.4 tonnes of harmful carbon generation would be avoided in contrast to landfill, and when it comes to incineration there would be a reduction of 0.62 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Nevertheless, many businesses find the act of calculating the carbon benefits of waste management tricky. With this in mind, baler specialist Miltek explains how companies can reap the rewards of paper and cardboard recycling.

Understanding Carbon Emission Savings in the Paper Industry

To tally the financial advantages brought about by carbon reduction of waste materials at your business, what is needed is to measure the savings that arise from the substitution of primary raw materials with secondary (recycled) raw materials, plus the energy efficiency improvements that arise from the reprocessing stage.

Recycled materials such as aluminium, glass and steel allow for significant savings because once they are used in the manufacturing of finished products, they perform just as well as primary raw materials but at significantly less cost.

With paper waste materials however, it is more difficult to determine their specific carbon saving on an overall basis than for other product sectors. The reason for this is that the paper manufacturing industry is extremely varied in terms of raw materials, energy sources, locations, production processes and output product groups.

To remedy this issue, the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has formulated a framework for paper manufacturers to more effectively measure their carbon footprints. Nevertheless, it is still up to paper manufacturers to make a calculation based on their particular circumstances, so businesses who buy paper products still face lack of clarity when comparing the carbon footprint of different manufacturers.

This complex situation also makes it difficult for the paper industry to provide the Government and local authorities with a defined figure associated with recycling so that they can measure their carbon performance while recycling paper products.

That being said, the WRAP study mentioned above clearly shows that a significant carbon saving can be had from recycling paper and cardboard as opposed to binning it.

Paper Recycling Made Easy

One of the simplest and most effective ways for a company to recycle their paper waste is to use balers. These nifty compact and storage machines come in a range of sizes and specifications to suit individual companies, and reputable providers also allow businesses the option to rent or buy them to suit every budget. In a nutshell, the three main advantages of using a baler are:

  • Efficient, space saving storage of paper waste.
  • Money savings in terms of landfill tax and reduced volume of rubbish for professional removal.
  • Easier transport to recycling centres.

Environmental Benefits of Paper Recycling

In the UK at present, it is estimated that approximately 90% of residual waste is disposed of at landfills and 10% is incinerated. WRAP has predicted that a total saving of 1.32 tonnes of carbon dioxide could be achieved per tonne through recycling instead of disposal. What’s more, as recycling technology improves, this figure will increase to bring even more carbon savings.

Another important point is related to the fact that paper is biodegradable – when it is dumped at landfill it creates methane, a potent Greenhouse gas that most experts agree is a serious contributor to climate change. Since paper is also carbon-based, when incinerated it releases carbon dioxide, which also has a strong impact on climate change

By recycling the cardboard and paper waste products your company generates, their carbon content is retained for longer. Another eco-friendly advantage of recycling is that there is less demand for trees (the primary fibre requirement in the paper manufacturing industry), which are vital for generating the oxygen we need.

Having read the above guide, it should be clear that paper and cardboard recycling is crucial – not only to the health of the environment since landfill or incineration solutions add to Greenhouse gas, but also to bring cost savings which every business in the current economic climate is aiming for. Once of the prime ways to make recycling easier is to use a baler. Conveniently, specialists such as Miltek offer a range of models to suit every company’s needs and budget.

About the Author: George Rebstrum is an adviser on recycling for businesses. He writes articles on waste disposal system, recycling techniques and  sustainable  health and safety measurements. If you take interest in waste management initiatives, follow Miltek-uk.co.uk  and read the latest news.  To know what George is going to cover in his next article , follow him on Google plus.

How to Proceed with a Customized Packaging Re-design Assignment?

Often the manufacturers redesign their existing packaging designs to give their brands a revamp. There is a mad battle among manufacturers to make their brands really special, but do all their efforts meet with success. According PRS research, about 50 percent of new packaging redesigns do not even work.  What is the reason behind failure of redesign initiatives?

Changes without research

Research on consumer preferences and trends in packaging are important before making any changes in design. Lack of research also did not let the manufacturers to discover the real problems of the shoppers. Most of the time designers and product manufacturers make changes based on their gut feelings which go wrong.

Failure to make any impact

The packaging will not get noticed if the benefits of the product do not get highlighted and there is lack of innovative thinking. If the new design is completely different from the previous one, it becomes difficult for the shoppers to relate with the attributes.

What helps to create a Successful Package Design?

Before proceeding to how can you create the best packaging, let’s see what exactly the consumers want? Packaging has to be attractive and versatile especially when it is displayed in a retail store’s shelf. If the packaging is not that striking, the brand may not be purchased again. If you think that your brand’s current packaging is loosing its luster and wants it to be re-designed- a good packaging design company can be effective.

Research, experiment, testing and feedback will definitely allow you to make a much better decision in terms packaging re-designs. Companies require information and insights at the outset of their design initiatives. Only the changes in graphics cannot drive in the success. In order to come up with the best re-design and the end results there should be changes in shapes and produced material at the same time. If the same old software gets a stylish cover- will it work long? Certainly not! Redesigned custom software boxes can dominate the market when the software inside it has also got uplift. Packaging is a powerful part in the today’s marketing mix and therefore, it is crucial to invest time and money on packaging design or re-design.