Outsource the Packaging of Your Products to Meet the Requirements of Wholesale Retail Supplies

A major part of upscale distribution is packaging. If you have received a huge retail order you need to think how you will pack the products before shipping them. Retailers will always ask to take your products back if the packaging is not up to the mark. It is definite you will not like to commit such a serious business peril.

The do-it-yourself packing can be too risky when you are supplying your products to big retailers. A packaging service provider can take care of the key issues of packaging. There is a common belief among the majority of the manufacturers thatthey can save a lot if packaging is done in house. Is it so? There is nothing to deny that some of course do, but majority of the manufacturers find out that packaging is not their cup of tea. That even, when the staff commits significant errors that result in embarrassing losses.

Packaging when not properly done to hold the products delays the transportation. Delays in packaging or increase in the prices of packaging- these two factors combine to eliminate your profit. The retailers will expect well packaged products and that too on time.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing the packaging services to a professional:

  • Improves the efficiency of packing
  • Ensure that the products will be delivered on time
  • No need to invest in part-time packing crew
  • Save costs on cleaning and maintenance
  • Remove your stress to meet the packing standards of big retailers

Innovativeness is the trick to survive in the market

In the eyes of the modern consumers packaging and products are intertwined. In fact, packaging is a way to grab the attention of the consumers especially when the product is on the aisle of a supermarket with similar other products. What will make the buyers stop and have a look at the product, is its unique packaging.

Big retailers also accept suppliers who are innovative and follow their specific guidelines on product traceability, sustainability and more. It is not easy for a manufacturer to meet every aspect of wholesale retail packaging without the help of reliable packaging professionals.

Which Customized Design to Select for the Packaging Boxes?

With new trends in packaging popping up each year, it is baffling to select a trend that will have a positive impact on your brand and products. If you are unsure regarding where to invest the packaging dollar this year, consider the possibilities that are likely to dominate this year and the following year.

Ready for Retail Packaging (RRP):

The efficiency of RRP in retail stocking is huge. It can minimize product damage and create neat displays. Customized RRP can increase brand visibility and give the profit boost required by most companies. Therefore, a little bit of extra cost cannot put off the manufacturers from adapting this technology.

Quick Response (QR) Codes:

Nearly every consumer has a cell phone and software that enable them to read the QR code; therefore the retailers demand the code on every item. The codes present the ability to promote and provide more information to the consumers.

Digital printing:

Digitally printed packaging is expected show a consistent growth over the next few years. The Print that is done on demand reduces inventory costs.


In the developing economy, there is a strong demand for corrugated board or three layered paper board. This demand pushes for further creativity. The brand managers have the freedom in developing unique packaging solutions that will introduce a differentiating element into your brand.


Stand up pouches are expected to reach a demand of $ 8.8 billion in 2016 and the main reason behind such popularity is its increased usage in food and cosmetic industries. There are several reasons for which the pouches are so much in demand. The most obvious is that it is a packaging solution that is simple and economical and can offer better brand visibility. Options are there to use 100% recyclable products and there are aesthetic and marketing advantages also.


Recyclable cardboard and sustainable bio-plastic reduce the consumption of materials that ends up in landfill. Therefore, the packaging industry is continuously trying to improve the materials and enhance re-usage process. Don’t be afraid, you can achieve really chic look with the sustainable packaging, yet at the same time it will be functional.

Innovative Cosmetic Packaging to Uplift Sales

Gone are the days when you can just stuff your products in a paper box or a plastic bag and never worry about its sales. Today when most consumers decide to purchase a product purely looking at the packaging, you cannot afford to take that part such lightly. You will certainly not deny that creative packaging gives a product an added value and there is more than one reason to invest in that packaging.

It not only gives your brand the recognition, unique packaging lures the attention of a customer, which most of the time end up in a purchase. It is a way to advertise the brand and let it stand out in a competitive market. In the aisle of supermarket everyday newer and better looking models are there to replace the existing brands.  What can really save and help you sustain in the market is to focus on packaging and when it comes to cosmetic packaging, you have to be really original.

Cosmetic Packaging

Keep in mind

The innovativeness should not mar the true spirit of the product. Product is the main thing to focus on the packaging.The design should be reflective and uncomplicated at the same time. Eco-friendly packaging is the buzzword in the industry and therefore, selection of materials that can be recycled or is bio-degradable become utmost important. There is no provision to avoid the FDA regulations also.

Birth of an idea

While there are so many things to remember, is it really possible to come up with a great design? Why not? It will take time and research to come up with the stylish, lightweight and eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes, but once the brainchild takes the real shape and fetches every attention in the market – success lies there.

Trend in packaging

Like every other thing in the market, trends in packaging also change and the change is fast. The customized packaging solution may provide great success in the market today, but it needs continuous reformation to match the changing trends. Therefore, constant research and knowledge of customer preferences help to come up with innovative solutions from time to time that are really helpful for a brand or a product.

Important Aspects of Custom Packaging

Packaging has become an integral marketing tool these days. An unique packaging can easily draw the attention of customers. Packaging can influence the buying decisions of customers. An intelligently designed cover can lure customers. Quality packaging creates a good impression on the customer’s mind.

The following quotation from Commitment-led Marketing by Hofmeyr and Rice justifies this.

“In most cases, our experience has been that pack designs are more likely to influence the consumer perception of the brand than advertising”.

Product packaging involves two major aspects. One is design and the other one is durability. The cover must be durable enough to offer protection to your product and at the same time it should look good and attractive to match the standard of the product.

You will have to consider three objectives when it comes to the durability of packaging.

  1. Protection of the product from old, sir, dust and moisture
  2. Protection from shock, pressure, vibration and any other physical damage
  3. Secure handling of the product

While you choose packaging material for the product you manufacture, you should opt for eco friendly material. Customers are now preferring sustainable packaging. Hence, you should choose things like cardboard or corrugated cardboard for paper packaging (if paper packaging is suitable for your products). Cardboard is the right solution for different type of packaging right from intricate gift boxes to large shipping boxes.

The other important aspect of custom packaging is design. When it comes to design you will have to keep the following points in mind.

  1. You must choose the combination of printing and color intelligenty so that the packaging looks attractive.
  2. The package must contain information regarding the usage and handling of the product.
  3. The label must be used as a marketing tool so that customers feel tempted to buy the product.

Other than design and durability there are a few other factors that should be considered when it comes to product packaging. You must ensure multi-functionality and reusability of packaging. You will have to think beond functionality while designing a package. A good packaging is an ideal combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Growing Importance of Recycled Materials in Retail Packaging

In recent times, manufacturers are preferring new type of product packaging. Especially in case of food products, manufacturer are not favoring the same old plastic covers. Rather they are looking for recycled materials. This is because, recycled materials are eco-friendly. Moreover, these materials are quite easily available and also more affordable. These are some of the reasons for which packaging with recycled materials has become so popular.

Materials that can be recycled:-

Paper – This material is quite easily available and it is the most commonly used material for creating recycled packages. The waste papers that people throw away are recycled to create paper packages. This is the most suitable option when it comes to packaging food products.

Glass – Glass is another common material used for retail packaging. Broken bottles are mostly used for this purpose. At times many glass containers are also re-used. This is done to save the expense associated with manufacturing new glass bottles. In another method, used glasses are crushed and melted to form new types of colored glasses.

Plastic – Plastic is also frequently used in retail packaging. It is quite cheap. Though recycling plastic is not always safe for the environment, there are a few products that require plastic packaging so that the products don’t get damaged. Materials like plastic bags, plastic boxes are usually utilized for this purpose.

These are some of the recycled materials used for making retail packages.

Benefits of using recycled materials:-

There are reasons for which recycled materials are mostly used for making retail packages. They are:-

  • Such materials are quite easily available.
  • The biodegradable nature of recycled materials doesn’t harm the environment.
  • These materials attract consumers who prefer eco friendly product packaging.
  • The overall expense for manufacturing packages also gets reduced if recycled materials are used.
  • Long durability of the packages is also responsible for such popularity.

Gone are the days when customers were not bothered about the product package. These days packaging plays a great role in attracting consumers. Hence, manufacturers need to careful about packaging their products.

Consider Different Techniques of Print Packaging

When the sales rate of a product increases, its not only the product’s content that has attracted the buyers. The product’s package has also played an important role in increasing the sales rate. That’s why nowadays product manufactures set a separate budget for preparing special packages for the product.

An innovative printed packaging speaks about the product as well as the manufacturer. It influences the buyer’s mind to a great extent. Hence, paying special attention to product packaging is essential.

Different types of printed packaging options:-

Printed packaging is the most suitable option for packaging your products. Whether the product is small or large, attractive covers with images and colorful text is obviously going to attract the buyer’s attention. There are a few print packaging options available.

Let’s have a look at the print packaging options that you can go for.

Rotogravure – In this process the letters and images get transfered from an etched copper cylinder to the packaging cover’s surface. An engraved image is created over the surface. This image contains millions of ink filled cells. The rotogravure process uses hot dryer to apply adhesive or coating over the image in order to protect the images.

Flexography – This process is used to create printed packages that are used for cartons, disposal caps, plastic bags or food containers. This whole procedure is quite affordable as compared to any other printing methods. Moreover, it is environment friendly. This is one of the primary reasons for which it is mostly favored by manufacturer.

Offset Lithography –This method is quite different as compared to rotogravure and flexography. Printing plates with text and images is placed on a rubber blanket. Once the ink is applied over the plate, the images and text gets transferred onto the surface of the paper or paperboard. This paper is then used as the packaging cover.

You can consider these options when it comes to printed packaging. However, before selecting an option you should consider your budget and your unique needs. The option you select must fit your budget and meet your requirements.

Use POP Displays to Showcase Your Products in a Trade Show

A trade show is a platform where business organizations get a chance to display their products. It’s more like an exhibition where the businesses take part. They set up booths at such shows so that they can display products and inform buyers about their newly launched products.

Being a business owner, are you planning to take part in such a show? If so, you need to plan the interior design of your booth. However, your job doesn’t end here. You also need to think about how to display the products in an effective way.

Tips to display the products in an effective way

Gone are those days when the products were displayed just by laying them on a table. Such stereo typical display method doesn’t attract the viewers any more. Rather they get attracted towards products that are displayed in an unique way. The way products are displayed make a huge difference.

Before you decide what kind of POP displays would be good for your products, you should do a thorough market research. Check out the type of displays used by other organizations in a trade show. If what you see dosen’t please you, you can opt for custom POP display. Make sure the style you choose complement your products.

How to choose a suitable POP display design?

Choosing a suitable POP display design is not an easy job. Here are few tips that you can consider when you plan to choose a display design for your products.

  • Size matters – When you are choosing POP display, measure its size. Make sure the display you choose fits well within the booth. To avoid any confusion, you can choose POP displays that can be reassembled and made smaller or bigger according to your need.
  • Durable frames –  Metal frames have higher durability. You can disassemble and reassemble it if you want to use it at different trade shows. Hence, such displays can turn out to be beneficial for your business.
  • Add accessories to it – The display will look more attractive if you can add accessories like backlights, hidden lights or ballons or other decorative items. Such accessories can make the display look different and attractive.

Displaying the products on such customized POP displays will  make your booth stand out among other booths in a trade show.

Different Types of Retail Packaging

Packaging has now become an integral part of the marketing efforts of manufacturers. They follow a wide variety of retail packaging techniques to attract customers. The purpose of packaging is no more limited to protection of a product. It also tells a lot about the product inside. It aids in promoting a product. Packaging also helps to build brand recognition.

Let’s have a look at the different types of retail packaging.

Flexible Packaging:

A variety of materials are used for flexible retail packaging. Flexible packaging usually loses its shape once it is opened. This type of packaging is ideal for food products especially vegetables and fruits. Food products come in air-tight sacks, plastic bags and other containers. A specific way of sealing is used for flexible packaging. Once you open it, it’s hard to close or re-seal it. Re-sealable flexible packaging is also used for frozen foods, dried fruits and similar staff.

Rigid Packaging:

Solid packaging materials are used for rigid packaging. Some of the common examples of rigid packaging include cardboard box, juice containers, plastic gallon milk, cereal box, soda pop bottles, beverage containers and household cleaners. Products like toys and electronic goods also come in rigid packaging. Plastic trays and containers are the most popular example of rigid packaging.

Custom Packaging:

This type of packaging is primarily used for products that come in irregular shape. These products don’t fit traditional packaging boxes. Many retailers also choose custom packaging as it helps their products to stand out. It aids in creating brand recognition and awareness. Customers can easily recognize a product that has attractive packaging. Special protective materials can be used for custom retail packaging. It aids in extended shelf life of a product.

Recycled Packaging

This type of packaging is getting popular day by day. Instead of using new materials, retails products are packaged in recycled glass, plastic and glass from the discarded consumer packages. Many times, leftover raw materials are also recycled for creating packages. This type of packaging can save a good deal of money. It is also eco friendly since resources are not wasted.

Things to Consider Before You Opt for Print Packaging

Product packaging is gaining more importance day by day since packaging is now used as a marketing tool. It aids in grabbing the attention of customers. Packaging says a lot about a product. It influences the buying decision of a customer. Packaging companies now do a lot of research to understand what works well. They try to study the mindset of the customers. It helps them to understand what makes a customer notice a product on the shelf. It is not enough to know what makes packaging attractive. It is also crucial to know the specific regulations to be followed for packaging certain products especially food products.

Aim of Packaging

When it comes to product packaging, little things matter. Therefore it is crucial to understand what should and should not be done when a product is packaged. The primary aim of packaging is to represent your brand and all four sides of a package should contain some information.

Packaging Material

Another important factor to consider is the print packaging material. You can opt for paper, plastic, cardboard, fiber, foil and so on depending on the product you want to package. Customers have become conscious about green practices. Hence, it is advised that you choose eco friendly packaging materials.

Choosing printer and designer

This can be a real hassle. It is better to choose designer and printer who will work together. If they don’t work together it will result in waste of time and money. Chance of disagreement will be high if they don’t work together. Once you choose a printer you can ask for recommendation for designer or vice versa. If you choose printer and designer who work together, it will be beneficial for you.

Proof check before printing

Before you print, proof read everything. Make sure the design and information given on the packet is perfect. You should ask for a press check. Otherwise if you find any fault after printing, your money will be wasted. Therefore the final design should be approved before it is printed. Package printing is costly and it is crucial to ensure that everything is perfect.

How to Increase Sales with POP Display?

Gone are the days when businesses used to consider POP display as an overhead cost. These days it has become an integral part of the marketing strategies. It can really boost the sale of your products. You know how tough and competitive the market is. Thousands of products are available. If your product cannot draw the attention of customers you will lose out on your market share. Attracting customer attention is crucial and POP display can help you to do that successfully.

Let’s see how POP display can increase sales.

Grab the attention of your target audience: The best way to make your products stand out is to present them on the POP stand. Merchandising display will boost your product’s value and increase sales.

Integrate product information: Simply displaying the products is not enough. You should create graphics and signs that can inform the customers about the benefit of using your products. You can use LCD screens, flyers or even digital touch pads. These interactive mediums will help the customers understand the attributes of your products.

Differentiate your products: You will have to design the retail space in a unique way. You should position the products in a clever way so that they can easily grab the attention of customers. This will make the customers take a closer look at your products and finally buy them.

Keep it uniform: Your POP display should be branded, simple and uniform. You should not display the products in a variety of formats. The brand message should be consistent. A well designed POP display can easily attract customers.

Check out your competitors: You should do a thorough market research to see what means your competitors are adopting to drive sales. Once you locate how are they different, you will have to find more creative ways for promoting your products.

Consult experts: This may seem to be an added cost but this investment is worth. POP display experts can offer you effective suggestions. Consulting with them will help you to come up with unique POP display ideas. They will help you to plan, design and execute the entire thing.