Drop Plain Brown Boxes and Spruce Them Up

Are you still shipping your products in simple brown cardboard boxes without the logo of your company or advertising on them? If so, you are likely to miss a great opportunity on brand building. Of course, you are saving on printing costs as well as on the producing labels, but for that small amount you […]

Trendy Ideas for Toy Packaging

Retail packaging has become extremely significant these days. While designing the packaging for your toy, remember that it should meet the requirements of the retailers. Try working with a proficient packaging company that will be able to understand the details of complying with the needs of the retailer. Nevertheless if you are selling the toys […]

Factors to Consider before Proceeding with the Package Design

Packages have the potential to cultivate and build up intimate and long lasting relationship with the consumers. It is a point over which the company has complete control in-store and hence it is a means of mass persuasion that can make or break business. Therefore, there is an initiative on the part of the manufacturers […]

Which Customized Design to Select for the Packaging Boxes?

With new trends in packaging popping up each year, it is baffling to select a trend that will have a positive impact on your brand and products. If you are unsure regarding where to invest the packaging dollar this year, consider the possibilities that are likely to dominate this year and the following year. Ready […]

Custom Corrugated Boxes for Packaging: Look and Utility Both Matter

Packing boxes is indeed an art and needs proper sense of aesthetic. So, if you want to gift something to a person you adore, you must pack it in the right way. In the true sense, good packing not only impresses others but also show your careful attitude and concern for him. Good packing basically […]

An Insight into the Origin of Corrugated Paper as Packaging Material

Corrugated paper boxes are commonly used for packaging these days. Durable, lightweight and affordable corrugated material is ideal for retail product packaging, furniture packaging, shipping container and Point-of-Purchase displays. What makes corrugated different from common paper boxes is its design. Common corrugated has two layers of smooth sheets (“liner”) joined with one curved layer of […]

Gift Packaging Ideas That Can Do Wonder in Holiday Seasons

As you choose gifts for your dear ones to bring smile on their face you try to pick the best thing for them. If the effort you put in finding the best gift can also be channelized in wrapping it up with a touch of love and creativity it can become an ideal gift for […]

Custom Gable Boxes to Wrap Your Gifts

Gable boxes are simple and easy way to wrap your gifts. Specialty of gable boxes lies in their design. A pair of handles on the top makes it a smart combination of bag and box; and this is what makes them popular when it comes to packaging of gift and fancy items. The hard box […]

Custom Boxes for Retail Packaging – Your Options

Paper boxes are popular choice for retail packaging these days. When it comes to low cost wholesale packaging what can be better option than custom paper boxes? Custom printed paper boxes are added attraction to your products with their smart shapes and bright colors and at the same time they are safe for the environment […]

Custom Print Box: Ideal Packaging for Personalized Gifts

If it is the anniversary of your parents, you would like to get them a gift they will treasure for lifetime. Flowers, cards, chocolates, garments are the obvious gifts and they must have received these gifts hundreds of times in their lifetime. So why don’t you go for something different that will really touch their […]