Custom Boxes for Retail Packaging – Your Options

Paper boxes are popular choice for retail packaging these days. When it comes to low cost wholesale packaging what can be better option than custom paper boxes? Custom printed paper boxes are added attraction to your products with their smart shapes and bright colors and at the same time they are safe for the environment as well. But with the soaring prices of paper product packaging companies are coming out with more innovative and compact designs to reduce waste. As a result cartons and boxes in a wide variety of size and shapes are available for wholesale retail packaging.

If you are looking for boxes for shipping and storage purposes you need cartons or boxes made of recyclable materials like cardboard. These are durable and come with tissue paper or shredded paper inside for extra protection.

Removal Boxes are useful for storage purposes. Durable and sturdy, these paper boxes can be ideally used to store big items. Archive Boxes are good option to store your important files and documents. Thick on all sides archives boxes are made of corrugated cardboard that lends hardness and durability while hand-holes on both sides make them easy to carry and move. Available in different sizes archive boxes often comes with easy-to-assemble lids for protection.

Gable Boxes are quite popular in retail industry. Ideal for packing food items, fancy items and other promotional packaging gable boxes come in attractive pop-up designs. Custom printing and use of bright colors can make it unique and even more attractive packaging option for gifts on various occasions. Popular choices for colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, white, silver and gold. While Flexographic is the common specification for printing boxes Litho Laminated printing can give your custom packaging boxes glossy and smooth finish.

Whatever you requirement is before you go for a bulk order you can place order in a small quantity to check out the quality and service of the custom product packaging company. There are a few packaging companies that accept orders as small as 1 to 10 boxes for ‘prototype testing’ to serve customers better. Why not take the advantage?