Custom Gable Boxes to Wrap Your Gifts

Gable boxes are simple and easy way to wrap your gifts. Specialty of gable boxes lies in their design. A pair of handles on the top makes it a smart combination of bag and box; and this is what makes them popular when it comes to packaging of gift and fancy items. The hard box structure ensures the required protection of the object inside while the handles make it easy to carry.

Gables boxes come in various size and colors. Some product packaging companies offer personalized gable boxes made of cardboard or hard paper. Custom gable boxes are made even more attractive with colorful prints and patterns all over the box. Matte effect prints are more popular than the glossy printing.

When you select a gift for your loved one you always look for the best and the unique. Make sure the packaging of the gift also matches your taste and the standard of the gift in it. Approaching a custom product packaging company will give you enough scope to show your creativity in the packaging. You can share your ideas and design with the packaging service provider so that they can customize it accordingly. Make it unique with your own design with a mix and match of colors and patterns.

Gable boxes are versatile as you can wrap anything in it starting from chocolate candies to handicrafts to electronic gadgets. A fully cardboard made gable box secretly hides the gift within it. So, if you want to surprise your dear ones choose a gable box to wrap the gift item and see how their faces glow after they open it only to discover what lies inside.

However, it is needless to say that custom printed gable boxes will cost you more than the regular gable boxes used for retail packaging. If you are packing Christmas gift and you have considerable number of gift items to pack it is wise to go for wholesale gable boxes. Such gable boxes are sold flat in bunch. But don’t worry as they are easy to assemble and you’ll find the instructions inside the package. And with little touch of imagination and use of colored paper, glue and glitters you can personalize them too at home.