Custom Paper Boxes for Eco-friendly Packaging

Plastic waste is a term common across the globe now. Every year billions of plastic bags and packaging boxes are littered and thrown into the rivers and ocean. The huge amount of plastic waste, which is not biodegradable contaminate the water, kill aquatic species and thus resulting ecological imbalance that ultimately affect the food chain and human life.

Why Switch to Eco-friendly such as Paper Boxes and Cartons?

Packaging tells a lot about the product inside. As a merchandiser you need to make sure your packaging works for you. Business is important, so is mother Earth, if not more. Why not wrap your products with sustainable materials to reduce the impact on the environment? What about using custom packaging boxes made of sustainable materials?

In today’s deteriorating environment it is high time that business owners, manufacturers, retailers, and packaging service providers think sensibly and act more responsibly.

Paper boxes come in a variety of shape, size and style for packaging a wide variety of products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals to software and hardware.  If you want a touch of personalization there are a number of product packaging companies to offer you custom paper boxes tailored according to your business requirement – to ensure best protection and efficient packaging for your products.

What is Green or Eco friendly Packaging?

There is no need to think that you have want of choices with eco-friendly packaging. A good paper box packaging company will offer retailers variety and options of material, design and printing. Yes, technology has reached that point to mold mere paper pulp into hard, durable paper boxes with desired size, shape and functionality, and above all equally good printing all over it making it a complete package.

The factors that make packaging environmentally friendly are –

  • Sustainable materials such as handmade paper, cotton, bamboo
  • Recyclable material such as paper, glass
  • Biodegradable material like paper, cotton, hemp

Waste-free Design – Traits of Eco-friendly Packaging 

Paper boxes and sleeves are known for sustainable, recycled packaging. But re-use is the word most appropriate for the current scenario. Your custom paper boxes for packaging gift item can be designed in a way so that it can be re-used as a vase or a lamp-shade when the product inside is taken out for use. Such waste-free design is the basic feature of eco-friendly packaging that adds real value to your products.

Custom Paper Boxes – Your Options for Green Packaging

There is no dearth of choices. Paper boxes are a plenty to serve different types of products. Your options are –

Cosmetic packaging boxes with exactly the design and size you need to wrap your cosmetic products.

Custom corrugated paper boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes with full color print in matte or gloss finish.

Retail point of purchase display boxes come in standard size. But custom pop display paper boxes can easily be customized as per your requirement and specification.

Paper boxes and sleeves are good option for packaging your software products. Software packaging boxes are available in various size, shape and style with full-color printing options to make it eye-catching yet safe packaging option for your software CDs.

In addition, you can have attractive gable boxes, smart looking take-away boxes, full-color tote boxes, and laminated bin boxes all made of paper.