Drop Plain Brown Boxes and Spruce Them Up

Are you still shipping your products in simple brown cardboard boxes without the logo of your company or advertising on them? If so, you are likely to miss a great opportunity on brand building. Of course, you are saving on printing costs as well as on the producing labels, but for that small amount you cannot get promotional benefits for your products.

When a customer receives his orders via courier services, it is some kind of a shopping experience for him and a great brand experience for you. You get a great opportunity to promote your brand at a time when the customers receive their products.

Plain Brown Boxes

How a successful packaging can be made?

Timing, emotion and impact are the three things that can help build a successful packaging. Smaller manufacturers and retailers are engaged in doing their own picking and packing too. Therefore, they must act as a first line marketer. Packing your products in plain boxes for shipping purposes, makes your products appear like commodities. And at the same time, the amount you have spent on the promotion to lift your brand will be wasted and your brand value will erode once you choose the plain shipping boxes. What can be worse than pushing your products back to the commodity category with plain shipping boxes?

Are you unable to promote your brand on Web Sites?

As far as eCommerce is concerned, customers buy all stuff online and you use to ship your products via high-performed courier services. As a manufacturer, you have to pick the shipping and handling prices, which is factored into the selling price. This is to cut back on the expenses which appear to be extraneous. Using colorful labels and custom printing on shipping boxes is not at all extra cost. If you use this on your packaging, it will help you solidify your bonding with your customers. Keep in mind that brown wrapping boxes and plain shipping boxes does not urge to buy more than once. In a nutshell, packaging speaks.

Since you are restricted to making enough promotions on the web sites, you have to choose some other way offline to influence your customers.

Keep one important thing in your mind that overdoing your presentation of your packaging does not do well for your customers. Just picture your package using custom color printing and logo of your company with a tagline on it. You will not believe that it would make it a special gift and urge many more to come up. Think about a few things. The repeat customers are a great value for your brand since it takes longer to create another potential customer. It seems big numbers. Therefore, you should get a quote on customer printing for your shipping boxes.

At the same time, if your shipping boxes are meant for retail environments for storage purposes, you could find more reasons to promote your products as well as your brand on the retail floor.

And when you are thinking to put your products in the retail, you should choose bio-degradable cardboard materials. This is because then buying decisions of customers these days are now affected by the whole new sustainability and conservation issue in packaging. They are now more aware of not using materials that will end up in a landfill. Therefore, it is a good idea to utilize sustainable logos so to make your packaging a value added item. Your packaging will get another value addition when it is associated with environmentally conscious value.

What to do if the price is a constraint?

If you think cost is an issue for you and you have got choices of 15 different sizes of boxes, you can inquire about toughen your box sizing. Instead of custom printing, you can choose printing labels. Apart from this, you can use short print runs on the boxes.

Remember, well branded packaging helps you get success one after one in the retail consumer market.