Factors to Consider before Proceeding with the Package Design

Packages have the potential to cultivate and build up intimate and long lasting relationship with the consumers. It is a point over which the company has complete control in-store and hence it is a means of mass persuasion that can make or break business. Therefore, there is an initiative on the part of the manufacturers to formulate a package design that will generate success and maximum ROI. Design is not at all an arbitrary element and there are important cohorts to consider before proceeding with package designing.

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Know the customers

By the time you think of package designing, the brand personality and the consumer group that the brand is going to target is already defined. Therefore, the package design should align with the pattern, taste and behavior of your target group.

Determine shop ability

It is better to have a design strategy in place even before you start working on that. Find out the hierarchy of information- determine which elements are constant and which one are variable. Make sure that the consumers can comprehend the variable elements. If you own a fragrance line with 10 different scents, ensure that the consumers can get the obvious differences. Though it sounds simple, it becomes a tremendous job for the designers to make the consumers decipher the differences and lessen the product returns.

Consider logistics

Path breaking innovations are always welcome but at the same time consider the shelf space and shelf height regulations. Shape, weight and size of the products also affect the overall expenses and shipping. Ensure that you have utilised the spaces adequately and are not paying out absurd shipping costs.

Establish a balance in form, design and function

The types of products you are selling largely influence the design of package. There is a ton of pressure on packaging when a new product is launched. Consumers at that point of time want to know what the product is all about and how it will look. At that point, packaging can play a major role beyond aesthetics in educating the consumers and convincing them highlighting the reasons to purchase the product.

In recent times, most of the packaging designs have to face another test- a test of sustainability and recyclability. Custom paper box offers the advantages in comparison to plastic and steel.