Gift Packaging Ideas That Can Do Wonder in Holiday Seasons

As you choose gifts for your dear ones to bring smile on their face you try to pick the best thing for them. If the effort you put in finding the best gift can also be channelized in wrapping it up with a touch of love and creativity it can become an ideal gift for your loved one. While choosing gift depends on the likes, taste, and requirement of the person you want to gift packaging the gift item depends solely on your choice and creativity.

From chocolate, cookies to fancy items and cosmetics, custom paper boxes are a good option to wrap your gifts with.  Though there is no dearth of ready made decorated gift packing paper boxes in the market you can have it personalized as per your requirement. There are custom packaging companies to receive your order and provide you exquisite gift boxes. But such decorated gift boxes are pricey and can pinch your pocket. Your paper gift box should be attractive and inexpensive at the same time. Careful choice of colors and minimal use of decorative items will help you deal within your budget.

The art of gift packaging is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, we have some gift packing ideas that can do wonder in holiday seasons.

  1. You can buy wholesale packaging boxes made of corrugated paper. Such paper boxes are cheaper. They come in a variety of size and shape.
  2. Buy single colored wrapping paper. Choose bright hues like crimson red, orange, purple, light green, yellow, pink and so on.
  3. Cover an entire box with a single piece of paper using glue. Thus you can create colorful paper boxes for wrapping gift.
  4. You can also use contrast colored papers diagonally on a single paper box to create that bi-color effect.
  5. For more fanciful packaging choose printed wrapping papers. Wrapping papers come with typography, floral print, hearts and various patterned prints. Such wrapping papers can also be used according to the theme of the gift and the reason of presenting the gift.
  6. Use colorful satin ribbons to create bows. However, little research on internet can enrich you with numerous ideas of binding the same ribbon in myriads way and making the packaging even more attractive.
  7. For gift labeling make use of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) business card to print your own personalized labels containing special symbols or more interestingly your family photos on it.

With a dash of glitter, beads and decorative items glued on the surface of the box you can do wonder in wrapping your gift items. So, apply your ideas to turn the simple brown paper boxes into beautiful gift packs and that too within budget.