Trendy Ideas for Toy Packaging

Retail packaging has become extremely significant these days. While designing the packaging for your toy, remember that it should meet the requirements of the retailers. Try working with a proficient packaging company that will be able to understand the details of complying with the needs of the retailer. Nevertheless if you are selling the toys on the internet, you should have greater options for your packaging.

Toy Packaging

Let’s check out the ideas for packaging toys in a competent way:

Make extensive research work

Visit toy stores to make research on packaging. Pay attention to how the dolls and the cars are packaged and how the stores utilize the space on the shelf. Look into the fact whether the packages are on the hook, in the boxes or are stacked. Search online for wrapping manufacturers. Explore the proficiency of every company in terms of developing the wrapping format that will best suit the toy.

Select 3 formats

Make use of your research experience in selecting 3 formats for your toys like a plastic blister pack, a cardboard box or hinged-lid paper container. Plastic is used for small toys and dolls and it is usually exhibited on hooks. A cardboard box is normally used for keeping board games and a hinged-lid paper container is used for toys like a puzzle with many pieces.

Use a steel ruler for taking measurement

You could use a steel ruler for taking the measurement of the toy.  Take the measurement in terms of the depth, height and width as in case of a toy car or a doll. Check out the fact about what box size will help to accommodate the toy contents with multiple pieces. If you see that the toy has multiple pieces, you should try to take the measurements individually. Search the option of a plastic insert tray for housing each piece individually along with an instruction pamphlet if required.

Take pictures

Do not forget to take the digital pictures of the toys and their pieces. Try to take the pictures from the front, back, top, bottom, left and the right sides.

Consult manufacturers for a price quote

Consult with several manufacturers in order to get a price quote for the wrapping. Provide the manufacturers with the specific measurements and pictures of the toys for getting the most accurate quote.

Review quotes from manufacturers

Examine the quotes you have collected from the manufacturers. Narrow down your selection to 3 manufacturers. Call your sales representatives for getting answers to questions and discussing the costs, quantities and delivery time. You should also not forget to include the shipping cost. Find out various ways to make use of standard package for saving money.

Consider your budget

Consider your budget before making the commitment for packaging. Evaluate the fact whether your toy needs customized packaging. Check out with the sales representatives whether they will be able to produce a sample and could negotiate the cost of the sample as per your budget.

Assess the custom packaging samples

You should assess the samples of custom packaging and choose the manufacturer who will be able to offer you the best quality wrapping material at the right time. In case if you are not satisfied with the wrapping elements, you could request another sample from the manufacturer before signing up a formal purchase order. If you want you could make use of custom box sleeves for your toy wrapping.

Sign the purchase order

Confirm the date of delivery, sign the purchase order and meet the terms of the purchase order in order that the manufacturers could start and complete the packaging production.

Follow these trendy tips and package your toys proficiently.