Which Customized Design to Select for the Packaging Boxes?

With new trends in packaging popping up each year, it is baffling to select a trend that will have a positive impact on your brand and products. If you are unsure regarding where to invest the packaging dollar this year, consider the possibilities that are likely to dominate this year and the following year.

Ready for Retail Packaging (RRP):

The efficiency of RRP in retail stocking is huge. It can minimize product damage and create neat displays. Customized RRP can increase brand visibility and give the profit boost required by most companies. Therefore, a little bit of extra cost cannot put off the manufacturers from adapting this technology.

Quick Response (QR) Codes:

Nearly every consumer has a cell phone and software that enable them to read the QR code; therefore the retailers demand the code on every item. The codes present the ability to promote and provide more information to the consumers.

Digital printing:

Digitally printed packaging is expected show a consistent growth over the next few years. The Print that is done on demand reduces inventory costs.


In the developing economy, there is a strong demand for corrugated board or three layered paper board. This demand pushes for further creativity. The brand managers have the freedom in developing unique packaging solutions that will introduce a differentiating element into your brand.


Stand up pouches are expected to reach a demand of $ 8.8 billion in 2016 and the main reason behind such popularity is its increased usage in food and cosmetic industries. There are several reasons for which the pouches are so much in demand. The most obvious is that it is a packaging solution that is simple and economical and can offer better brand visibility. Options are there to use 100% recyclable products and there are aesthetic and marketing advantages also.


Recyclable cardboard and sustainable bio-plastic reduce the consumption of materials that ends up in landfill. Therefore, the packaging industry is continuously trying to improve the materials and enhance re-usage process. Don’t be afraid, you can achieve really chic look with the sustainable packaging, yet at the same time it will be functional.