Tips for Designing Face Cream Packages

Cosmetic legend Estee Launder turned her kitchen into an experimental laboratory by mixing up various face creams from her chemist Uncle John’s recipe. She added and subtracted ingredients till her recipe seemed perfect. Several years later, Texas cosmetic expert Mary Kay followed the same path but without the help of an uncle in a scientific […]

Most Common Mistakes at the Time of Package Designs

It is a kind of an accepted fact that good packaging has a good impact on business. Your product may be far better than your competitors, but to make the product sale packaging becomes an important determinant. Creating value through design is not an easy task and mistakes may happen. However, to increase your product’s […]

Paper Packages are the Right Choice with Growing Environmental Concerns

Paper based packaging is widely popular in the market. While plastic and steel packaging offer sustainability as compared to papers; why  is paper a popular choice as a packaging material?  The most obvious reason for this is that paper is easily recyclable than its other counterparts. There is also enough scope for innovation with the […]

Useful Guide to the Business Advantages of Paper Recycling

Paper and cardboard recycling has been proven to bring significant savings when it comes to harmful carbon emissions (Greenhouse gas). A global study by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which analysed the carbon emissions of recycling this type of waste compared to sending it to landfill or to be incinerated, concluded that by […]

How to Proceed with a Customized Packaging Re-design Assignment?

Often the manufacturers redesign their existing packaging designs to give their brands a revamp. There is a mad battle among manufacturers to make their brands really special, but do all their efforts meet with success. According PRS research, about 50 percent of new packaging redesigns do not even work.  What is the reason behind failure […]

Innovative Cosmetic Packaging to Uplift Sales

Gone are the days when you can just stuff your products in a paper box or a plastic bag and never worry about its sales. Today when most consumers decide to purchase a product purely looking at the packaging, you cannot afford to take that part such lightly. You will certainly not deny that creative […]

Important Aspects of Custom Packaging

Packaging has become an integral marketing tool these days. An unique packaging can easily draw the attention of customers. Packaging can influence the buying decisions of customers. An intelligently designed cover can lure customers. Quality packaging creates a good impression on the customer’s mind. The following quotation from Commitment-led Marketing by Hofmeyr and Rice justifies […]

Things to Remember for Starting a Custom Packaging Business

If you are going to start a custom packaging business, you need to understand that pretty boxes are not all customers look for. You will have to think beyond attractive design, when it comes to designing custom boxes. They always look for a packet that can sell their products. You will have to create packaging […]

Significance of Custom Software Packaging

The marketing departments of companies strive hard to drive in sale. They plan and implement different strategies to achieve their goal. The latest idea that has been incorporated in their marketing efforts is custom packaging. The power of attractive packaging has been realized by businesses. They are giving immense emphasis to packaging because effective packaging […]

New Age Product Packaging: An Overview

Manufacturers who make consumer products are having their best times these days. However, the time is challenging due to the tough competition. Retail industry is undergoing change. The retail stores these days are gaining huge market share. So thinks are getting more difficult for marketers. When it comes to packaging, you can not think of […]