Consider Different Techniques of Print Packaging

When the sales rate of a product increases, its not only the product’s content that has attracted the buyers. The product’s package has also played an important role in increasing the sales rate. That’s why nowadays product manufactures set a separate budget for preparing special packages for the product. An innovative printed packaging speaks about […]

Things to Consider Before You Opt for Print Packaging

Product packaging is gaining more importance day by day since packaging is now used as a marketing tool. It aids in grabbing the attention of customers. Packaging says a lot about a product. It influences the buying decision of a customer. Packaging companies now do a lot of research to understand what works well. They […]

Flexograpy: The New Age Technology for Printing Packaging Materials

When it comes to package a product, printing plays a crucial role. These days more and more printing companies are opting for flexography. It has become a common printing method. Companies prefer this method because it ensures high quality printing. Various materials can be printed with the help of this technology. It can be used […]

Things to Remember Before Opting for Printed Packaging

“First impression is last impression” – this phrase is absolutely justified for product packaging. When people shop around for buying something, the first thing that they see is how a product is packaged. The packaging creates the first impression about a product because customers are not aware of whether the item inside is good or […]

Thermal Transfer Technology: Latest Buzz in Print Packaging Industry

Thermal Transfer Technology is the latest addition in the print packaging industry. A thermal transfer ribbon and a thermal print head are used in this method. The printhead is made of a ceramic-glass component that contains 12 thermal printing dots per mili meter. It delivers 300 dpi print resolution. The thermal printhead is used to […]

Custom Printed Packaging – the Perfect Way to Beautify the CD Covers

This is true that in this age of technological advancement, CD is considered to be one of the best things that you can gift to your near one. But only buying a CD from a store and giving it to the person you admire can never considered as a favorable approach. This is because; there […]

Why Flexography is a Popular Choice for Printing Packaging Materials

Printing is the key factor when it comes to product packaging. These days, Flexography is the printing method commonly used by most product packaging companies to ensure high quality impressive print. With the popularity of sustainable packaging materials like corrugated cardboard on the rise more and more packaging services are turning to flexographic printing. Other […]

How to Ensure Great Printing for Custom Packaging

Packaging sets the tone of a product no matter how good it is from inside. A good packaging defines the style and look of what you are buying or selling. Therefore it is important that any printing method you apply on that custom packaging  must look professional and appealing. Well, printing packaging paper is not […]