Corrugation: An Ideal Packaging Material

What is corrugation?

Corrugation is a high-performance material for packaging. It is gaining popularity as a packaging material day by day. It has become a preferred material for packaging because it is versatile, durable, sustainable, light weight, protective, cost effective, customizable, environmentally friendly and graphically appealing.

Corrugation: A High Tech Material

It may sound surprising that a corrugated box is a high-tech item. Continuous research and development programs contribute to the improvement of different aspects of corrugated such as printability, weight to strength ratio, recyclability and moisture barriers. Sophisticated and automatic equipment are used to design corrugated boxes to ensure consistent performance and reduced cost.

Corrugation is customizable

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of corrugation is that it is infinitely customizable. It offer various combination of flute sizes, board types, adhesives, basis weight, coatings and treatment as well as static control protection.

Corrugation is the only packaging material that can be cut and folded into any size and shape. Another advantage of this packaging material is that it can be direct-printed using high definition color graphics. Hence, corrugation is the ideal material for a custom printed box.  It can be easily custom-designed to fit the specific packaging requirements of a product.

Corrugation is protective

Corrugation is gaining popularity because it offers an ideal combination of structural rigidity with high quality cushioning. Even if you keep a heavy product in a corrugated box, it will remain undamaged. Such boxes can very well withstand shipping pressure because corrugation has superb tensile, burst and tear strength.

Corrugation is graphically appealing

Corrugation is ideal for printed box as it is a flexible medium and it can accommodate a wide variety of printing options like:

  • Flexography
  • Silk screening
  • Offset lithography
  • Direct print

There is no wonder that corrugation has become a popular packaging material because it has so many advantages.