How to Proceed with a Customized Packaging Re-design Assignment?

Often the manufacturers redesign their existing packaging designs to give their brands a revamp. There is a mad battle among manufacturers to make their brands really special, but do all their efforts meet with success. According PRS research, about 50 percent of new packaging redesigns do not even work.  What is the reason behind failure of redesign initiatives?

Changes without research

Research on consumer preferences and trends in packaging are important before making any changes in design. Lack of research also did not let the manufacturers to discover the real problems of the shoppers. Most of the time designers and product manufacturers make changes based on their gut feelings which go wrong.

Failure to make any impact

The packaging will not get noticed if the benefits of the product do not get highlighted and there is lack of innovative thinking. If the new design is completely different from the previous one, it becomes difficult for the shoppers to relate with the attributes.

What helps to create a Successful Package Design?

Before proceeding to how can you create the best packaging, let’s see what exactly the consumers want? Packaging has to be attractive and versatile especially when it is displayed in a retail store’s shelf. If the packaging is not that striking, the brand may not be purchased again. If you think that your brand’s current packaging is loosing its luster and wants it to be re-designed- a good packaging design company can be effective.

Research, experiment, testing and feedback will definitely allow you to make a much better decision in terms packaging re-designs. Companies require information and insights at the outset of their design initiatives. Only the changes in graphics cannot drive in the success. In order to come up with the best re-design and the end results there should be changes in shapes and produced material at the same time. If the same old software gets a stylish cover- will it work long? Certainly not! Redesigned custom software boxes can dominate the market when the software inside it has also got uplift. Packaging is a powerful part in the today’s marketing mix and therefore, it is crucial to invest time and money on packaging design or re-design.