Important Aspects of Custom Packaging

Packaging has become an integral marketing tool these days. An unique packaging can easily draw the attention of customers. Packaging can influence the buying decisions of customers. An intelligently designed cover can lure customers. Quality packaging creates a good impression on the customer’s mind.

The following quotation from Commitment-led Marketing by Hofmeyr and Rice justifies this.

“In most cases, our experience has been that pack designs are more likely to influence the consumer perception of the brand than advertising”.

Product packaging involves two major aspects. One is design and the other one is durability. The cover must be durable enough to offer protection to your product and at the same time it should look good and attractive to match the standard of the product.

You will have to consider three objectives when it comes to the durability of packaging.

  1. Protection of the product from old, sir, dust and moisture
  2. Protection from shock, pressure, vibration and any other physical damage
  3. Secure handling of the product

While you choose packaging material for the product you manufacture, you should opt for eco friendly material. Customers are now preferring sustainable packaging. Hence, you should choose things like cardboard or corrugated cardboard for paper packaging (if paper packaging is suitable for your products). Cardboard is the right solution for different type of packaging right from intricate gift boxes to large shipping boxes.

The other important aspect of custom packaging is design. When it comes to design you will have to keep the following points in mind.

  1. You must choose the combination of printing and color intelligenty so that the packaging looks attractive.
  2. The package must contain information regarding the usage and handling of the product.
  3. The label must be used as a marketing tool so that customers feel tempted to buy the product.

Other than design and durability there are a few other factors that should be considered when it comes to product packaging. You must ensure multi-functionality and reusability of packaging. You will have to think beond functionality while designing a package. A good packaging is an ideal combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality.