Key Factors of Product Packaging that Influences Customers

Packaging is one of the key factors to your product marketing. A good custom packaging is capable of attracting customers. In fact, it has the potential to influence buyer’s decision. As the most buying decisions are made on the retail store an attractive, intelligently designed packaging can lure customers and give them the impression about the quality of your product.

This fact can be reinforced with the following lines quoted from the book, Commitment-led Marketing by Hofmeyr and Rice

“In most cases, our experience has been that pack designs are more likely to influence the consumer perception of the brand than advertising”

However, there are two major aspects of product packaging – durability and design. You need to make sure the packaging looks good enough to match the standard of your product. In addition, it needs to be durable in order to give long term protection to the articles inside it.

When it comes to Durability of personalized packaging boxes the prime objective is to ensure –

  • physical protection of the objects inside it including protection from pressure, shock, vibration and other physical damages
  • protection from dust, moisture, mold and air
  • secure handling of the products

Choice of the packaging material plays a key role here. With rising awareness about ecological conservation and increasing popularity of sustainable packaging paper boxes are on demand. Cardboard and corrugated cardboard are commonly used in paper packaging. From large shipping boxes to intricate gift boxes cardboard is used to produce a variety of packaging containers by product packaging companies all across the globe.

The other aspect of packaging is Design.  The following points are taken care of while designing custom retail packaging boxes –

  • Color and printing – the combination of color and printing is chosen intelligently to make it eye catching
  • Information transmission – conveying information regarding usage, handling and transportation of the product
  • Marketing – labels are created from marketing point of view to encourage buyers to purchase the product

In addition to the above factors, a successful product packaging company gives importance to reusability and multi-functionality of packaging. A custom packaging item is now designed craftily so that it is easy to open and customers can use it further beyond its basic functionality of enclosing a product.