Latest Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

Portability, performance and price – these are the attributes that define cosmetic packaging at present. Today’s busy consumers look for multi-function products in sleek packaging. Portability is a must when it comes to cosmetic packaging. Consumers prefer packages that not only save time but also offer value for money.

Importance of Color:

All the cosmetic companies are focusing on the same thought – how to be innovative and how to differentiate their products from that of their competitors. Though packaging involves several aspects, color is one of the key components of cosmetic packaging especially with lip, eye and cheek products. Colors are used in an innovative way to catch the eyes of a consumer. This is the reason that in many departmental stores cosmetic counters are first to draw your attention. Displaying customized packaging boxes for cosmetics in the front is an easy way to attract a consumer to enter the store.

Significance of Clear Packaging:

It has been mentioned before that today’s consumers give priority to portability. They most of the time outside their house and that they need to carry cosmetics in their bag. This is the reason that clear packaging is gaining popularity. Consumers wish to identify products in their handbag or on the dresser without opening the container. Easy to carry products in mini packaging are preferred by consumers. Hence, see through clear custom cosmetic packaging has become important for well known cosmetic brands.


Cosmetics that come with label can save time. Hence, consumers prefer them. Well known cosmetic brands are offering color-coded labels on nail polishes and lipsticks.

Consumer survey is playing a great role in cosmetic packaging. Most of the reputed brands are conducting consumer survey to identify the needs and demands of the consumers. Knowing what the consumers want exactly helps them to design cost effective cosmetic box packaging.