Most Common Mistakes at the Time of Package Designs

It is a kind of an accepted fact that good packaging has a good impact on business. Your product may be far better than your competitors, but to make the product sale packaging becomes an important determinant. Creating value through design is not an easy task and mistakes may happen. However, to increase your product’s saleable factor in the competitive market you have to keep an eye for the mistakes and get over that.

Package Design

Some of the common mistakes at the time of packaging include

Not considering the consumers at the time of designing

Before setting out to design a product package it is essential to find out what your target market thinks, wants and likes. Universal packaging is a myth and it is not possible to develop such a package that can satisfy the requirements of all the customers. Therefore, from the beginning your approach should be creating packages for the right audience and with perfect message.

Influencing factors                                          

There are several elements that influence a consumer’s buying decision. Some of these are:

  • Ease of opening a package: consumers are not interested in a blister or clamshell package that requires superhuman strength to open up
  • Sustainability: being friendly to environment is emerging as a major issue. Therefore, bio-degradable materials are preferred over others
  • Recyclability: materials that can be reused are more popular
  • Labels and product security: people are reading labels and scrutinizing minutely recently. What it says on the label will influence the decision of purchase.

Missing out the product’s USP

It is considered as a good package design when it conveys what is inside it and how it can solve the consumer’s problems. The consumers can hardly comprehend the message on their own if the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is not mentioned in a simple way. You have to find out innovative packaging to solve consumers’ problems or issues.

Unique thinking can also add an extra appeal to your products. However, sometimes it is difficult especially when you are trying to make custom software boxes. That is the challenge in-front of the designers and if they can overcome the hardship it will result in success.

Package is not perfect for retail outlets

There is a restriction in the shelf space and height. These specifications are vital at the time of designing product packages.

It does not mean at all you have to adhere to this guidelines strictly while developing package. Keep sufficient room for creativity but keep in mind that you are enhancing the value of the product through package.