Paper Packages are the Right Choice with Growing Environmental Concerns

Paper based packaging is widely popular in the market. While plastic and steel packaging offer sustainability as compared to papers; why  is paper a popular choice as a packaging material?  The most obvious reason for this is that paper is easily recyclable than its other counterparts. There is also enough scope for innovation with the paper packaging.

Paper Packaging

Paper packages better than other packaging solutions

With the growing concern to reduce the solid waste, more and more product manufacturers are looking for packing materials that can be recycled. Although, there are many plastics that come up with recyclable symbols. However, it does not mean that it will be used again. Glass, plastics and metals are all afflicted by recyclability issues.

The paper packaging not only reduces this tension, it also helps manufacturers to curb on their shipping expenses. It is true that in order to replace glass and plastics to a larger extent the packaging industry needs to be more innovative with their designing.

Government’s intervention

WalMart and Canadian Government support sustainable packaging. The environmental activists are also there continuously reminding how a packaging choice can have an impact on the whole world. When the retailers have to renovate a display made of plastic, they end up with huge amount of wastes that in turn fill up the lands. This is not a bio-friendly approach.

On the other hand when cardboard or paper is used and the prints on them are with vegetable ink, the products become highly recyclable. There is hardly one who gives a second though in putting the paper cartons in recycle boxes in home or in office.

Introducing innovativeness in package designs

Innovation is a trick to sustain in the competitive market. Manufacturers are little apprehensive in adopting cardboard or paper packaging unless the designers can come up with the innovative solutions. The attempt is to come up with the solution really chic and flashy suitable for contemporary market. The materials are highly versatile and with little research and experiments package designers can produce most attractive custom paper packaging. Showing off the creative excellence and formulating a shape that can reflect well your brand value proposition, you can influence the decisions of customers.