Things to Remember for Starting a Custom Packaging Business

If you are going to start a custom packaging business, you need to understand that pretty boxes are not all customers look for. You will have to think beyond attractive design, when it comes to designing custom boxes. They always look for a packet that can sell their products.

You will have to create packaging that has powerful shelf impact. Otherwise customers will not turn to you. The demand of customized packaging has increased because manufacturers have come to realize how powerful packaging can be. It can make or break a brand identity. With the help of proper packaging your product can stand out among its competitors.

A customer creates an impression about a product by seeing the package. Studies have proved that a packet has only 5 seconds to attract a customer. If a customer is not attracted by the packaging, it will never leave the shelf. Therefore it is important to design custom retail packaging boxes that have a strong impact on the customer’s mind and encourage him or her to buy the product.

Modern age product packaging has to be dynamic and interactive so that it can influence a customer’s buying decision. If you are going to start a product packaging business the four most important things you need to remember is that an effective package is a combination of unique paper choice, attractive coatings, high quality graphics and strong call for action. Packaging can be called effective only if it helps to create brand identity.

Before you start the business, you need to decide which type of packaging variety you are going to offer. Your options include:

  • Printed box
  • Custom corrugated box
  • Custom folding cartons
  • Chipboard boxes
  • Partition and packaging inserts
  • POP designs and displays

While designing a custom packaging box, you will have to remember the unique need of your customer. For example, the design of a beauty products packaging and furniture packaging cannot be the same. Similarly the box has to be different depending on whether it is a light weight product or a heavy weight product. Keeping these factors in mind will help you to create ideal packaging that can easily draw the attention of customers and sell a product.