Tips for Designing Face Cream Packages

Cosmetic legend Estee Launder turned her kitchen into an experimental laboratory by mixing up various face creams from her chemist Uncle John’s recipe. She added and subtracted ingredients till her recipe seemed perfect. Several years later, Texas cosmetic expert Mary Kay followed the same path but without the help of an uncle in a scientific background. Both the beauty experts were passionate about creating face creams that helped the women to nurture skin from youth till maturity. These two women spent their lives by developing improved products and each is considered to be a ground breaker in the world of the skincare of the women.

Cosmetic Box Packaging

Assuming that you have created a secret recipe for the cream and dreaming of joining the ranks of the pioneers of the beauty industry, your biggest challenge will be to find the ways for reaching women in the quest of the next generation facial enhancers. You should try to tap market through the Internet and the retail stores. Look for homemade facial cream recipes by reading books and articles on the subject. Blend different recipes in the kitchen and add or subtract ingredients till you get the desired fragrance, feel and the fascination. You could also resurrect an old family recipe.

Face cream is a beauty necessity for many people which helps to keep skin hydrated. Moreover it fades out the appearance of wrinkles and prepares skin for the application of makeup. Several consumers like to spend more money searching for the perfect face cream. However it is not just the fragrance, ingredients or the texture that attracts a consumer. The packaging also plays an important role in its popularity. Remember that people not only want to be beautiful but are also attracted to beautiful things. As a result it is significant to design functional and appealing packing for face cream.

Let’s check out the tips for designing packaging of face cream:

Choose the way of dispensing

You must decide the way to distribute face cream. Select a suitable container. You may opt for a plastic pump dispenser for dispensing in a sanitary way. Moreover you could pick up a glass or plastic container with an open mouth for allowing users to dip their fingers into the cream.

Pick up colored glass

Try to select a colored glass if you are searching for a colored glass container to keep your face cream. Amber and blue glass jars are very attractive and they help to filter out harmful sunlight that could adversely affect the longevity of your face cream.

Get a secure lid for the container

You should ensure the fact that your container has a secure lid in order that consumers are able to carry the cream in a bag or a purse without worrying about leakage.

Create a label for the container

Make an adhesive label for the container you have selected. Be sure of the fact that label covers a large portion of the container for protecting the contents from the damage caused by the sunlight. You should not forget to include the ingredients of the face cream, its name and the instructions for its usage on the label. If a face cream has rose oil, you could add a rose to the label. Besides if it offers sun protection, you could include a sun into the label. You must provide your consumers an idea about what makes your face cream special by incorporating a corresponding image on the label.

Include a box for the container

In order to make an elaborate packaging, try to include a box for the face cream container. The box must be created with a durable paper and should be of heavyweight. Get your box printed with the product name, an image as well as other relevant text. You could search for cosmetic box packaging  services from the internet for this purpose.

Follow these tips and design the packaging of face cream in a proficient way.