What Clients Expect from a Packaging Company

Customers don’t just want a pretty box; they want a package that sells. This is what you need to understand if you are planning to set up a packaging company. Clients will count on you only if you can offer packaging that has tremendous shelf impact. Most of the businesses now want customized packaging because they have realized the power of packaging. Packaging can set a product aside and help a business to stand out from the competition.

First impression matters a lot and this is applicable for product packaging. Though packaging has got nothing to do with the quality of a product, customers believe that if the packaging looks good, the product is bound to be good. Hence, packaging often determines the buying decision of a customer.

Researches have shown that a package has only 5 seconds to draw the attention of consumers. If it fails to do so, it is likely that consumers will not pick up the product. So you will have to ensue that you create personalized packaging boxes that can easily jump off the display shelf into a consumer’s hand.

You should remember that clients want interactive, dynamic product packaging that can influence the buying decision of a customer. They look for packaging that combines a few things including unique paper choice, high quality graphics, attractive coatings and has a strong call for action. They look for packaging that can help create brand identity.

If you have decided to start a packaging business, your company should offer a wide variety of packaging options such as:

  • Custom corrugated box
  • Printed box
  • Chipboard boxes
  • Custom folding cartons
  • POP designs and displays
  • Partition and packaging inserts

You will have to understand what the clients want. For example, if they are looking for packaging for lightweight products, they would like the packaging company to use different styles of chipboards or folding cartons. On the other hand durable corrugated litho-laminated boxes are what they would like if their products are heavy weight. Frivolous products may require some internal support when it comes to packaging.

Addressing the unique and specific needs of a client will make your company a great choice for them.