Cardboard or Acrylic POP Displays for Retail Promotion?

Point of Purchase (POP) displays play a crucial role in retail marketing. An effectively designed and strategically placed POP display can not only attract customers but also influence them in making a buying decision.

There are different types of POP display solutions to serve your purpose.

Cardboard POP Displays

Cardboard pop displays are cost effective. You may argue that they do not look attractive. But there are pop display companies that manufacture excellent POS (point of sale) displays out of cardboard. From Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) to Counter Display Units (CDU) you can get anything in cardboard. With advanced printing technology available Cardboard POP displays are given bright colors and eye catching design. The manufacturing companies are ready to design custom point of purchase displays tailored as per your purpose and requirement. Easy to assemble cardboard POP displays are distributed flat for safe shipping of the product. The best thing about cardboard POP displays is that these are very much affordable. From display stands, cut outs, card holders, book stands to promotional dump bins the range includes it all.

Plastic or Acrylic POP Displays

Compared to cardboard POS displays acrylic displays are pricier because of their durability. Acrylic pos displays last longer and easy to maintain. You can have a wide variety of designs in acrylic appropriate for promotional display at street side stalls as well as in big retail stores.

Since acrylic can be molded in any shape and it is easier to develop a custom POP display just as you want it. From uniquely designed wall-fixing display stand to display cabinet with shelves inside to space saving cup and saucer stands you can pick anything as per your requirement.  Acrylic design also enables laser engraving that has a lasting effect. You can engrave typography, text or logo on your acrylic pos display and signage.