How to Increase Sales with POP Displays

POP or point of purchase displays can be considered to be the promotional fixtures in retail stores. They hold a combination of different products. There can be different types of in-store displays such as POP displays, counter top displays and retail fixtures. The major reason behind the popularity of POP display is that it encourages impulsive buying. It has become an intelligent tool to increase sale in a retail store. Researches have shown that such a display is the reason a product soon leaves the shelf. In fact customers make 85% of buying decisions at the retail fixture or POP display.

Acrylic Displays

Designing such a display requires innovation and strategy. If you own a retail shop, you would like to have a display that can easily encourage customers to buy the exhibits. However, if designing an effective POP display is not your cup of tea, then hiring professionals is the best way to ensure that the display will earn you profit.

You can hire a POP display company that will work with you to create the most effective solution for your retail store. From 3D visualization to final production, everything will be done with your approval. It will ensure that the innovative display drives sales.

Types of custom pop displays

When it comes to custom pop displays you can have various options.

Acrylic Displays: Acrylic Displays can maximize the marketing potential of your retail store. This type of display is especially popular with cosmetic counters and sporting goods.

Wood Displays: It is an effective POP display solution. If you are looking for a permanent way for marketing your products, wood display will be the ideal choice for you.

Corrugated Displays: These are a cost effective option. They are lightweight and the ease of shipping has made them a popular option for custom point of purchase display.

Counter Top Display: This is probably the best POP display a retail store can opt for because it improves product visibility. It is the common display technique found in retail stores.

Floor Display: This is another permanent and cost effective way to display your products.