Ideas for Custom POP Display

After shopping at your store when shoppers are just ready to move out, they need to come to the payment counter and at times they need to wait in a queue before their turn comes. You can exploit this extra time and earn some revenue by encouraging your customers to do some impulsive buying. You can utilize the payment counter as our point of purchase counter. It will actually help you to increase sale and earn more profit. While shoppers wait in the cash counter for their turn to come, you can draw their attention to some interesting and engaging items that they may buy.

By creating an engaging custom pop display you can lead your customers to last-minute purchase. This will increase your revenue. However, displaying any item in any manner is not going to help you. You need a thorough planning for what you are going to display and how you are going to display them.

Follow the tips given below to make your point of purchase displays attractive.

Eco-Friendly Products: These days everybody is getting more conscious about the products they use. You can take advantage of this go green movement and increase your sale. Keep some carry bags made of eco-friendly materials just beside the cash counter. If they look good and priced reasonable, customers may buy the bags for bringing them back when they shop next time.

Mood Colors: This is a crucial point to remember while you look for custom point of purchase display ideas. Researches have shown that colors like red-orange, black and royal blue encourages shoppers to go for impulsive buying. Even if you can not repaint the area near the cash counter at least try to use some baskets of these colors and keep the products in them.

Following these simple tips will help you to earn more revenue by increasing sale.