Tips to Design Effective Point of Purchase Displays for Your Retail Store

The importance of retail Point of Purchase (POP) displays in sales conversion need not be explained. We know that they are an effective tool for marketing your product and attract customers to your way. A custom design POP display can ensure maximum visibility of your brand. Not just catching eyeballs a well designed POP display has the power to motivate buyers. A research reveals that a large percentage of buying decisions are made in the retail store and that is where POP displays play a key role. There are people who buy products of other brands and there are people who didn’t even think to buy at all. With a display sign effectively advertising your products you can make them buy from your store.

But the road is not strewn with roses. The competition grew tougher with retail premises bursting with bright, colorful display signs, attractive packages and inviting labels.

The question is how to make your retail POP displays stand out from that of your competitors? How to make your point of purchase counter displays more inviting so that buyers cannot afford to ignore them?

For an effective display you need a good POP display company to design your custom pop displays. A high quality retail display might be a bit more expensive but investment in it ensures higher rate of sales conversions. Here is how you can ensure the most effective POP display for your store.

Target audience: When it comes to marketing the first thing you need to do is to identify your prospective customers. Knowing your target audience gives you the required insight in what they like and how they like it. Thus you’ll be able to tailor your custom POP display effectively and boost sales in turn.

Competitors: Keep an eye on your competitors – what measures they are taking to draw more customers in their stores. Try to identify the difference between your approach and theirs. Instead of following blindly draw an idea from their works while incorporating your own innovations wisely to make it an effective POP display for your business.

Placement:  Placing your display signs in the right place is what you need to do. Place it strategically where it may draw maximum eyeballs and thus help to increase your brand value. Make sure it is easily visible to anyone entering the space while it does not come in between their way.

Consistency: Consistency in design of your retail POP displays is highly important to maintain balance in retail space layout. Whether you pick bright colors or want it backlit it should be in line with the design of the space to enhance the effect.

Lighting: You need sufficient light to make the POP display attractive. Depending on the cut and size and placement of the sign arrange adequate light to highlight your merchandise displays.

All these are useful tips. Adhering to these basic rules definitely helps in making your POP display work effectively.  While placing your merchandise displays make sure that you don’t clutter the space with too many of them. Placing them strategically leaving sufficient space between any two displays is the key – it should not look overdone and at the same time interesting!