Consider Different Techniques of Print Packaging

When the sales rate of a product increases, its not only the product’s content that has attracted the buyers. The product’s package has also played an important role in increasing the sales rate. That’s why nowadays product manufactures set a separate budget for preparing special packages for the product.

An innovative printed packaging speaks about the product as well as the manufacturer. It influences the buyer’s mind to a great extent. Hence, paying special attention to product packaging is essential.

Different types of printed packaging options:-

Printed packaging is the most suitable option for packaging your products. Whether the product is small or large, attractive covers with images and colorful text is obviously going to attract the buyer’s attention. There are a few print packaging options available.

Let’s have a look at the print packaging options that you can go for.

Rotogravure – In this process the letters and images get transfered from an etched copper cylinder to the packaging cover’s surface. An engraved image is created over the surface. This image contains millions of ink filled cells. The rotogravure process uses hot dryer to apply adhesive or coating over the image in order to protect the images.

Flexography – This process is used to create printed packages that are used for cartons, disposal caps, plastic bags or food containers. This whole procedure is quite affordable as compared to any other printing methods. Moreover, it is environment friendly. This is one of the primary reasons for which it is mostly favored by manufacturer.

Offset Lithography –This method is quite different as compared to rotogravure and flexography. Printing plates with text and images is placed on a rubber blanket. Once the ink is applied over the plate, the images and text gets transferred onto the surface of the paper or paperboard. This paper is then used as the packaging cover.

You can consider these options when it comes to printed packaging. However, before selecting an option you should consider your budget and your unique needs. The option you select must fit your budget and meet your requirements.