How to Ensure Great Printing for Custom Packaging

Packaging sets the tone of a product no matter how good it is from inside. A good packaging defines the style and look of what you are buying or selling. Therefore it is important that any printing method you apply on that custom packaging  must look professional and appealing.

Well, printing packaging paper is not a fun. You may choose a design that is whimsical or a personalized theme (in case of custom printed box). For every requirement print design, color and fonts may change time to time. Whatsoever be your specifications, the printed packaging material should be highly visible, sophisticated and of good quality.

To get a fantastic end product you need to follow the basic guidelines for preparing a file for print on packages. Else, you may end up selecting a wrong package design with inappropriate colors, wrong fonts, uneven lines and an unprofessional look.

Here are the instructions you may follow:

First, contact your preferred printing company and discuss about required dyelines, specifications and file requirements. Ask if their printer needs you to update or re-design the existing packaging format.  The design and files should match with the requirements and capability of printer.

Second, check if the printing professionals are following the right steps.  It could be changing all fonts to outlines, changing all color spaces to CMYK, using PMS (pre-mixed colors), etc.  There are other certain specifications you need to remember.  For example, all images should be at or above 300 dpi (dots per inch). If you are using linked images, gather them to one area.

Third, if you are preparing the art design yourself, save the final file in approved file format that is needed by press printer. You can send the print files to your printer company in any of the following methods like email, FTP or even a file drop system.  Keep in touch with your printer so as to avoid mistakes and ensure perfection.

Fourth, ask your product packaging company about the paper materials they will use. Make sure the paper is of appropriate weight and it suits the shape of your custom printed box.