Ideas for Retail Packaging

Departmental stores have a stock of huge products to draw the attention of customers and encourage them to buy those products. But have you ever though how a consumer chooses a product? He or she is not aware of the quality o the product before using it. Neither is the consumer aware of the ingredients of the product. So how do they select one product over another? It is the packaging that tells them everything about the product starting from the manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients, direction of use, word of caution and price.

Before buying a product consumers check the packaging to gather information about the product. They rely on the packaging of a product. In this age of cut throat competition, companies should not leave a single opportunity to win customer loyalty. Focusing on packaging retail items can easily earn you customers’ trust. Good packaging will give your brand a competitive advantage as these days packaging has become a very effective marketing tool.

Eco Friendly Packaging: People have become more conscious than before. These days they avoid buying things that will be harmful for them and the environment. The same thing is true for packaging. If a product is packed with eco friendly material, customers will prefer it. Go for recyclable packaging. This will give the customers the message that your company has taken a step towards sustainability on packaging. You can also choose designs and colors that reflect environmentalism.

Consumers’ Participation: If you can engage the consumers in the packaging, your brand will be more preferable to them. You can organize an online or offline sketch and photo contest. Ask your consumers to provide image ideas for custom retail boxes. The person who wins will see the image on the packet and will also have the right to his or her image.