Packaging Tips: Guide to Effective Packaging Design

Today the art of packaging has reached a new height with innovative ideas and creative designs.

Product packaging companies deploy efficient designers to make the packaging work. There is no doubt that packaging does the talking for your product to some extent. It has a vital role in influencing buyers.   So it is important that you create an effective design.

Selling the product should be top priority

Product selling is the most important point to be pondered over when you are designing the package. With this thought running in their mind designers sometime go overboard in showing their creativity. They exaggerate some points while ignoring others – missing the balancing factor which most importantly needs to be maintained in a design work. The current trend of packaging tends to minimalism – “less is better”.

Therefore, it is better a designer should pay heed to what customers want and how they would like it instead of just being tempted in showing his/her prowess in designing. Remember – shoppers are not fools to be carried away with just an attractive packaging while it contains a bad quality product.

Knowing the Target Audience helps in effective design

Before your start know your target audience. Sometimes designers are more interested to instill their creative ideas in their work ignoring what customers actually want. Do a thorough research on the market, study the target consumer behavior and focus on their demands and most importantly how they would like it.

To design it effectively designers should be able to think from customer’s perspective as well. Packaging is not about wrapping your products in protective containers, it means communicating to your customers. Knowing them well will definitely help you understand their requirement and communicate effectively.

Practical packaging design adds value to your product

As experts say drawing “design inspiration from the product itself” always work better. The color, shape, material and images in sync with the object inside is practically a good idea to implement.

While designing custom packaging boxes  or containers designers often take inspiration from the shape of the product. Instead of letting your imagination run wild consider a few things like shipping and durability.  In retail packaging the shape of the packet should fit properly in ordinary crates or racks used in time of shipping. If unusual shape of the packet requires more caution and special containers for shipment it only makes the process more expensive which is not a very cost effective idea. The brand IKEA is known to integrate shipping issues in their product packaging design phase.

Secondly, durability is a vital aspect of product packaging. The package should be robust and durable so that it can offer the required protection to the product inside. For delicate items you need to design craftily so that the product inside remain intact during not only shipping but also after shipment. The packaging should be able to protect the product from various types of damages like heat, dirt, pressure, etc.