3 Popular Retail Packaging Trends Embraced by the Industries

Packaging plays a key role in retail industry. Every year companies expense million dollars in improving their packaging. Packaging designers have to show their creativity and innovation as customers are becoming more and more demanding these days. Going with the increasing demands and changing taste of consumers retail packaging companies have accepted the challenge of presenting innovative packaging design that are not just eye catching but also able to compel the buyer in thinking about the product and its manufacturer in a different light.

Following are three out of the box packaging styles that have set the future trend in retail packaging sector.


The most popular trend among these is sustainable packaging. Initially it looked to most manufacturers as an expensive way – starting from the limited choice of materials to careful shipping of it to recycling for reuse of the packaging material. Gradually with several Green movements and ecological awareness among people sustainable packaging has become inevitable for companies, especially brands that realized recycling is not about protecting the environment from pollution but also about waste management which is beneficial for their business as well.

Green packaging does not always promise a green look. Visually it might not look highly appealing but it has a different charm lend by the earthly materials such as corrugated paper, handmade paper, jute and others. The green design is about minimalism and simplicity. It is about being honest to your customers.


This kind of packaging is not meant for wholesale retail packaging, rather is it appropriate for designer products or products that are uniquely made with special care. In this highly commercial world where machine made products are sold in bulk handmade products and packaging hold a different place. Customers treat handmade products as special and are ready to pay more to get that homely flavor. But to convince them about the authenticity and quality of the product the design of the packaging also has to be convincing. The design traits are used in innovative manner – making it look natural and hand-drawn – to create the desired effect. The use of typography, sketches and colors applied in the packaging reinforces that ‘homely’ touch. In short, the packaging reflects the thought that the product has been carefully made and meticulously packaged for you only.


Another out of the box retail packaging trend is the old look that is reminiscent of the golden past. This is a tactic to influence buyers emotionally. The use of popular iconography, images and signs from the past decades on the packaging simply revives the memories of the ‘good old days’ among customers and they are driven by adrenaline.  The design or components borrowed from the past are not mere copy but morphed in a way to give a contemporary feel like old wine in new bottle.