Why Product Packaging Companies are turning to Sustainable Packaging

With increasing popularity of sustainable packaging among consumers the recent studies reveal that food, beverage and consumer product companies have already been able to reduce plastic waste by “1.5 billion pounds since 2005”. Major consumer marketers have set up standards for sustainable packaging in order to provide a clearly defined framework for designing sustainable eco-friendly packaging.

Consumers consistently like the concept of sustainable packaging which is popularly called ‘green packaging’. Therefore, it has become a compulsion to abide by the guidelines when you upgrade to eco-friendly packaging for your products.

One of the most prominent focuses of this packaging trend remains eco-friendly materials. Renewable, reusable and recyclable – these are the terms that a custom packaging company should focus on. These are the ideas being reflected on packages for everything starting from grocery items to clothes and accessories to shipping containers and so on.

But why these materials are considered so useful and how they are good for the environment? Let’s find out.

Corrugated paperboard or more commonly known as cardboard is mostly used for making custom paper boxes that are used for storage and shipping purposes. Such corrugated paperboard is the “most recycled packaging material” that has been used so far. More and more manufacturing companies are turning to cardboard boxes as these are hard, durable, lightweight, and yet easy to customize. The material is also suitable for attractive prints and colors to make the packaging attractive. Customers like corrugated paper boxes because of their reusability property.

Bioplastics, the term may sound a bit dicey, are actually a special form of plastic produced by processing different parts of plants and vegetables. Unlike plastics derived from petroleum products, Bioplastics are biodegradable and hence good for the environment. Big names like Coca Cola and Pepsi have already started bioplastic made bottles for soft drinks. Bioplastics are side products of biomass power generation industry which produces biodiesel as an alternative to overused fossil fuels. Thus the material is not only safe for the environment but also helps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Polyethylene terephtalate, or more commonly Recycled PET, is a special kind of plastic which is generally used for making water bottles. The specialty of this biodegradable polymer is that ensures the same look and feel and durability as of virgin plastic materials although these are renewable and compostable, thus safe for the health of our mother earth.

Thus switching to sustainable packaging materials is every manufacturer’s as well as product packaging company’s responsibility to ensure greener and healthier future.