Why the Significance of Packaging is Increasing?

Apparently, it may seem that packaging of a product doesn’t have any importance. On the surface, it may appear as if buyers are not much bothered about the packaging of the item they are buying. However, in reality packaging does matter and it greatly influences the buying decisions of customers. What they buy and why they buy depends largely on the packaging of a product.

In fact buyers have become quite conscious about product packaging. This is the reason that eco friendly packaging has become so popular. Customers now prefer packaging materials that are not harmful for the environment. Sustainable packaging materials are gaining preference.

The clothes you wear express who you are. Similarly the packaging tells a lot about a product. It says what the product is, why you should buy it and what values the product offers. Paco Underhill the “retail anthropologist” said that everyone cares about the packaging. They are all conscious about how the box looks like even if they project as if they don’t care about the packaging.

When you visit a store, you are surrounded by innumerable products. How do you know which product to pick up? You can’t even spend half of the day deciding which product to choose. Packaging plays a great role in helping customers decide which product to go for. The package of a product is your ultimate source of information about that product. Your first impression about a product is important and packaging has significant contribution in shaping your impression.

These days consumers are not only attracted by unique package designs. The use of material has become equally important. Businesses that don’t invest in eco-friendly packaging materials will soon lose target audience. The society is getting aware of the significance of eco-friendly practices. There is no exception as far as packaging is concerned. Customers who care about the environment will always choose products that come in “green boxes”.

Packaging can be used as an effective marketing tool. The more a company invests in eco-friendly packaging, they more likely it is to attract customers.